Tree Toppled by a Violent Storm in Carmel Hamlet, NY?

Tree removal is included in our storm cleanup services

Whether you need a tree removal or tree trimming service, rely on us to finish the job efficiently. Leo's Tree and Lawn Service Inc has a team of trained arborists who know how to care for and remove trees if necessary.

From saplings to ancient oaks, we have the knowledge needed to work on all types of trees in Carmel Hamlet, NY. Schedule tree services for your property today.

Leave the heavy lifting to us

Leave the heavy lifting to us

Tree maintenance is no easy task. We have the tools and experience to handle a variety of tree services, including:

  • Tree removal - we'll cut up and haul off trees that have fallen due to storms or rot
  • Tree planting - we'll plant new trees to add more life to your yard
  • Tree trimming - we'll keep your trees healthy by removing dead and dying branches
Give your trees the attention they deserve - call 914-438-4430 now for tree trimming service in Carmel Hamlet, NY.

Protect your home, and your trees

Choose Leo's Tree and Lawn Service Inc for reliable tree removal and tree trimming services. We can remove or trim hazardous trees that are:

  • Leaning on your power lines
  • Leaning toward your structure
  • Damaging your property with their roots
  • Blocking your view
  • Dead or diseased

If a tree just needs a quick trim, we can take care of it. Trimming your trees periodically can boost their health by increasing the amount of sunlight they get and stopping the spread of tree disease. Contact us right away to arrange for tree trimming or tree removal services.