Nurture Your Yard Without Lifting a Finger

Let a lawn care professional maintain your yard in Carmel Hamlet, NY

It can be depressing to see your flowers and grass wilting. If you don't have a green thumb, leave your lawn care to a specialist from Leo's Tree and Lawn Service Inc. We have the skills and equipment needed to bring your yard back to life.

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How can we help maintain your lovely landscape?

How can we help maintain your lovely landscape?

Avoid the sweat and sore muscles that come with yardwork - leave your landscaping work to a lawn care professional in Carmel Hamlet, NY. We offer a variety of landscaping services, including:

  • Planting flower beds, shrubbery and trees
  • Grading the dirt and cutting the grass
  • Cleaning out debris blown in by storms
Don't spend your weekend doing lawn care - let us do it instead. Call now for a free estimate on your landscaping project.